Telecom Solutions

Telecom companies' main revenue models include the voice call from customers, mobile data services (like ring tones, movies, games, etc), mail and SMS/MMS services. With the advent of PDA s and smart phones, telecom companies and MVNO 's could leverage their existing telecom investments through offering value added services to their corporate and retail customers like Email & PIM, access to business documents like price list, catalogues, stock information, etc., and connectivity to enterprise applications like ERP, SCM.

CRM to customer's mobile forces through GPRS enabled PDA s. Go DB based mobile solution offers the following value added functionalities, specific to Telecom Industry: Existing Revenue Models

Voice Calls from consumers, Mobile Data Services, Email, SMS and SMS services. Have a look at our SMS Messaging Services for GSM and GPRS Networks. Interactive SMS Corporate Messaging

Additional revenue Models and Revenue Streams

Mobile data services (GPRS); ASP revenue sharing (from the corporate/product customer); Leased line and hosting services (in case of ISP also); Revenues through hardware sales;

PIM applications

Development of retail customer’s applications like Email & Personal Information Management (PIM).

Reliability /Applications

Mobile content: Access to favorite news and other information channels Mobile Portfolio: portfolio tool for retail investors offering connectivity to brokers back office for latest updates to portfolio investments Mobile banking: Access to bank accounts, a/c summaries, reminders, service requests Mobile PIM: Personal Email and contact management for retail/SME customers

Corporate UTILITY/Applications

Email & PIM: Access to corporate mails/mail server

Business Docs: Synchronize business documents like product catalogues, price details, stock availabilities, etc. with the head office while on the move.

Extended Business: Provide online connectivity to enterprise applications like ERP, SCM, CRM, etc. for the customer's mobile sales force.

Banking Applications

Banks can roll out value added PDA based solutions to their premium customers for wealth management services, Personal banking, etc...

Not only the external customers benefit, PDAs help internal customers, executives and employees alike, in improving their operational efficiencies, access to critical right information at the right time, etc...