Caller Ring Back Tone Services is an innovative service giving mobile subscribers the ability to replace their standard ring back tone with music clips, sound effects, jokes, news or personalized voice greeting. Subscribers can select multiple ring back tones depending on who is calling or what time they receive a call at. The service plays selected ring back tone, until the call is answered by called-Party, voice mail server or call expires. The fun element set apart, Telecom-Operators regards ring back tones as highly profitable and are acknowledging the same. Alternatively, subscribers can also set up custom voice greetings for each caller.

VIRTUMOBILE offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables telecommunication companies to deploy, manage, adapt to multiple network topologies, and expand ring back tone service. VIRTUMOBILE’s Personalized Ring Back Tone solution incorporates three building blocks. The first is an advanced content management system that includes service provisioning and personalization features, allowing users to preview new ring back tones on the Web, upload their own voice clips, update their profiles, and perform other self-service activities. The second is a sound management system, which executes the sound clips and ensures that audio quality of ring back tones offered by an array of content providers is clear, crisp, and properly modulated.