Bulk SMS

SMS is now a very powerful business communication & marketing tool. Our primary goal at Virtu Mobile has always been the development and implementation of high quality SMS solutions for business. This single ideal has allowed us to focus on providing the best possible individual solutions for our client base.

Our in-house technical and development team work with you, at every step of the way, to ensure seamless integration of Info Vas services into your current systems.

Our aim is to provide your company with systematic improvements in your communications and marketing structure - of the quality you demand, and at price to fit your budget.

The feature rich environment of the Virtu Mobile system provides you with a host of messaging options, ensuring you receive the service to match your needs. For an in depth look at each of these options please follow the links below.

At the heart of the Virtu Mobile system is the Message Platform, a browser based SMS system that gives you access to your account through your web browser.


• Send one / Send many SMS text messages

• Receive SMS text messages (requires reply number)

• Create or Import 'Distribution Lists' to send messages to multiple recipients.

• Interrogate and Vet Distribution Lists for duplicates / errors

• Full History / Reporting facilities

• Inbuilt user defined message templates