Media Services

VIRTUMOBILE offers services to help media companies increase revenue, including advertising sales programs and marketing services to attract new subscribers. Clients include the largest, most innovative media, software and consumer electronics companies in the world.

The company’s main product, software platforms, lets media owners extend their online content services, including video, to mobile through both web sites and applications. The platform can also be integrated with a variety of mobile ad networks to allow customers to generate ad revenue from their mobile content.

Many PC users take it for granted that their desktop will give them the ability to create, communicate, and discover information without regard for interoperability. On the mobile platform, however, many of these capabilities are either nascent or nonexistent. There were a number of new technologies launched at VIRTUMOBILE that will power a new generation of media and content services.

VIRTUMOBILE diversified services are in the fields of:

• Communications

• Video-Sharing

• Photo-Sharing

• Location-Based Services

• Blogging Platform Services and

• Social Media Dashboard Services

• Funding Platform