Reverse Billing

Reverse Billing SMS is a process whereby small charges are made to a subscriber's mobile phone in return for a service. Typically the subscriber sends an SMS message to a short code number (usually 5 digits); often including a keyword in the message and in return receives a service or a piece of information for which a charge is made on that subscriber's mobile phone.

Typical applications include charged voting systems for television and the press, subscription campaigns for a football team's news service allowing fans to receive video goal flashes at 50p a goal, or prize draw and competition type marketing applications.

In addition to this Info Vas can offer hosting to media content developers and provide a delivery platform with reverse billing support for all media including logos, ring tones and java games and applications.

Examples of services offered include:

• Ringtones

• Wallpapers

• Daily horoscope alerts

• Entertainment services

• Sports alerts, like football goal alerts

• News alerts

• Charitable fund-raising

• Weather reports

This facility opens up many new business opportunities never before available. Competitions, alerts, news flashes, quizzes and priority information are just a few of the areas where Reverse Billing SMS can be used as the basis of a business.